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"We need leaders who are positive voices for the future of our state and going to find creative solutions to the big problems we're facing. I promise to work hard to protect and expand on the progress Governor Whitmer and Democrats in Lansing have made!"

-Neil Oza

Protecting our Environment & Combating Climate Change

Here in Rochester we love our beautiful green spaces and we know one of the best parts of Michigan is our gorgeous lakes. We must protect that by passing comprehensive polluter-pay legislation to force corporate polluters to pay to clean up their own mess. It's time to get this done to protect both our natural resources and the health of all Michiganders.

We've gotten a good start on our work to stop climate change by passing Governor Whitmer's Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs plan and I'm proud to have helped make that happen during my time with the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. However, there's so much more to do - we need to make sure we live up to our goals and fulfill our commitment to transition to clean, renewable energy to ensure the future of our planet for generations to come.

Utility Accountability and Affordability

Everyone deserves access to reliable and affordable water, heat, and power. I'll work to pass a strong water affordability package so everyone has consistent access to clean water.

Michiganders have continued to see their bills go up, while outages get longer and more frequent. It's time to hold companies like DTE and Consumers accountable to the people and ensure they invest in the grid and do what needs to be done so we don't go cold in the winter or without power on some of the hottest days of summer. ​

That's why I'm refusing money from utility company executives and PACs so the only people I'm accountable to on this issue are the people of our district. 

Strengthening our Public Schools

I'll work to ensure our students, teachers, and parents have everything they need to succeed and thrive. Rochester has some of the best public schools across the state and even the country. We'll keep it that way by giving our hard-working teachers a well deserved raise and investing more in our children's education. Every single child deserves a high quality education and the resources they need to succeed. 

I'll fight back against the charter-school agenda in Lansing that would defund our schools and put money in executives pockets. That's why I support keeping our public dollars only in our public schools and ensuring equitable K-12 funding. 

Community colleges, universities, and trade school are all excellent options for our young people to continue their education so they can thrive in their careers and I'll work to ensure all these options are accessible and affordable

Ending the Gun Violence Epidemic

I really knew I was going to run again the night the MSU shooting happened. Reality set in that for the second time in just over a year, a community that helped to raise me was devastated by gun violence. I refuse to sit on the sidelines when there's things we can do to stop it. We don't have to live like this. 

We must honor the lives we've lost in tragedies like the Oxford and MSU shootings by passing comprehensive gun reform legislation. This includes banning assault weapons like AR-15's, strengthening background checks, and banning the most dangerous criminals, like domestic abusers, from owning guns for a period of time after being convicted. 

I grew up as part of a generation that constantly feared gun violence and I know we can enact common sense solutions to keep our kids and communities safe

Abortion Access and Reproductive Freedom

I'm so proud of the work we did to enshrine access to reproductive healthcare into the state constitution. Yet, the attacks from conservative Republicans on women's health keep coming. We know they want to pass a national abortion ban and to that I say HELL NO!

We must continue to elect leaders who will fight to keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible. In Lansing I'll continue to fight for affordable and reliable access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

Lowering Healthcare and Prescription Drug Costs

No one should have to choose between taking care of their health and taking care of their family. I will work to lower prescription drug costs and expand programs like Medicaid to make healthcare affordable for all.

We also must work to improve public health programs by expanding support to these crucial departments. Mental healthcare can't be overlooked in doing this and I'll fight to improve mental health access and funding as well.

Protecting our Civil rights

Michigan is a place where everyone is welcome and we know that our diversity is our strength. No one should ever face discrimination because of their gender, the color of their skin, or who they love. I'll work to create and expand opportunity in Michigan for women, communities of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We must ensure equity in our justice system and in access to housing and employment opportunities.

Supporting Workers Rights and Making our Economy Work for Everyone

I come from a union family - everything I have is because of unions like the UAW that had my family's back at every turn and made sure everyone was taken care of when my family members got sick. 

I'm proud to have supported our unions all my life, including standing with our brothers and sisters on the picket line time and time again. While we've reversed some of the worst Snyder-Era policies by repealing right-to-work and reinstating prevailing wage, we still have a lot to get done. 

All of us have felt the impacts of rising costs on essentials to provide for our families, especially since the pandemic. I will work to create more well-paying jobs, fix our broken supply chain, and bring costs down for everyone while ensuring our economy works for all of us - not just a few at the very top.

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